Tips for Growing a Successful Real Estate Business

Success doesn’t come from an over-the-top promotion that suddenly catapults your business to new heights. Success comes from consistently doing the essentials needed to build a business that is constantly growing and sustainable in all market environments.

1. Learn something new

Successful real estate agents study their craft. They read articles watch Videos, listen to podcasts and continually search for new and innovative ways to grow their businesses. The most successful agents attend seminars. They purchase educational products to sharpen their skills.

2. Focus on the needs of others

The core characteristic of growing a successful real estate business is the ability to identify the pains, needs and wants of your ideal client, and then offering solutions in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Ask yourself what your ideal clients needs, and then figure out the best way to give it to them.

3. Follow up with past clients

Follow-up with past clients is a daily focus for real estate businesses that thrive. 80 percent of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20 percent of your existing customers. Successful real estate agents have systems in place to consistently add value to their past clients. They call them on the phone. They reward them for referrals.

4. Be fully present

Agents who build successful businesses have the ability to focus on the person or task in front of them and be completely present in that moment. They shut off their phones during listing appointments, so the seller has their full attention.

5. Build new relationships

Whether created by online prospecting or offline marketing, daily development of new leads is the path to growth.Successful real estate businesses have systems in place to generate new leads daily that are run through a funnel to create relationships.
The relationship built through providing value converts a potential customer into a client.

6. Take action

The key to developing your successful real estate business is to take action daily. Successful agents don’t wait and react to the market. They take massive action and make the market react to them.

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